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Colin Fuller (OC) recently sent this photograph taken in 1946.  His father, Charlie, had just been appointed the Cathedral Verger, having returned from serving in the army during the Second World War.  


Provost Hopkins asked (probably ordered!) Charlie to check the work that the steeplejacks were carrying out on the spire.  The photograph shows Charlie between the two steeplejacks climbing the ladder on the south side of the spire.  Colin is looking up the spire from the parapet of the tower.  


What a start to a long and distinguished career at the Cathedral!  

The Cathedral Choir in 1905.  Interesting headline! 

Archbishop Michael Ramsey with some of the boys in 1957

The Cathedral Choir in April 1954

The Cathedral Choir 1984

The Choir in the Cathedral's Centenary Year of 1988 

The Cathedral Girls' Choir in 1993

The Girls and Lay Clerks with their Director, Sean Farrell, in 1994

Neil Hopwood, Old Chorister and the Association's Minuting Secretary, aand his wife, Judith, have recently celebrated their Silver Wedding, which took place on 27th July, 1996 at the Cathedral.  Even though the choir was on its summer break, a number of the boy choristers and the lay clerks sang for for their fellow lay clerk.  It would be good to know who the boys are.  Please email if you can help.

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